Teen Universe is an international beauty pageant, founded in 2012 by Alexander Montiel.

The current Teen Universe is Daniela Mora from Mora, crowned on January 19, 2020, at the 784 Theater, in Panama City, Panama.


Teen Universe is an international beauty pageant for teens, founded by Alexander Montiel in 2012.Initially, the contest started under the name Miss Teen Universe, but this brand is owned by the Miss Universe Organization and the founder was asked to remove the term Miss so as not to confuse the two organizations.

According the founder, this initiative emerges with the purpose of becoming in a short term a pageant that has the credibility and the respect from people in a worldwide manner. In the same way we look for a show that enhance every participant, having excellent judges that have the capacity to visualize a representative that should meets the characteristics that an universal prototype of beauty demands, a teen physically beautiful, with intellectual preparation according of our nowadays requirements and excellent personality.

The goal of this pageant is to create a contest involved in magic, glamour, and the fantasy of a production, that enhance the femininity of the teens in the universe, where the stage can be a dream and the delegates its protagonist; grasp and built friendships links between the countries participating; bring the opportunity to our contestants in the development of their qualities and abilities, and in the same way become an entity with a social mission for the less fortunate, create the concept of beautifulness with cause.


The competition is open to young women aged 14 to 19.

The selection is based in the contestant’s physical beauty, incorporating qualities such as personality, talent, and intelligence from the young contestants. During the competition there were different types of challenges and evaluation, that determined the decision from the judges to select the next Teen Universe from the contestants.




Year Titleholder Name Country
2012  "TeenSasha Nikyta KAM Panama
2013  "Teen Lucia OSORNO MIRANDA Nicaragua
2014  "Teen Vivianie DIAZ ARROYO United States
2015  "Teen Dayanara PERALTA LORD Ecuador
2016  "Teen Nieveles GONZALEZ Puerto Rico
2017  "Teen Srishti KAUR India
2018  "Teen Melanie CRUZ Cuba
2019  "Teen Eduarda ZANELLA Brazil
2020  "Teen Dianela MORA Mexico