Miss & Mrs Universal World, also known as Miss/Mrs Universal, is a Georgia-based international beauty pageant organized by Maya Tayadze, also owned of Little Miss Universe pageant.

The current Miss Universal is Elena Ashuralieva from Russia and the current Mrs Universal is Raisa Zakirova Ved from India, who were crowned on May, 9th, 2019 in Tbilisi, Georgia.


Miss & Mrs Universal is an international beauty pageant organized by Maya Tayadze in 2016.

According to the founder, this contest tries to find most cultured, stylish, beautiful, tolerance ladies around the world. BEAUTY lies not only in physical parameters. Beauty is not subject of standards, therefore we believe that, BEAUTY cannot be measured with a centimeter or weighed with scales.

Beauty is different and each person has his own concept of beauty. Today, when there are so many directions and so many challenges in the world, starting with #bodypositivites #agepositivites, the contest gives to everyone the opportunity to stand out and to show themselves from their best side, learn to work on themselves, exchange invaluable experiences, to grow internally, to overcome complexes to become the best version of themselves!

The pageant is also aimed at cultural exchange, promotion of love and friendship between people of different races and nationalities, upbringing talented and fashion generation!

Since the start of this beauty contest, Georgia is the host country.

When this pageant was created, the competition had only one category : Miss. The following year, the Mrs and Lady categories were added. In 2021, 5 crowns will be awarded : Miss Universal-World; Mrs Universal -World; Lady Universal- World; Lady Classic Universal-World; Lady Grand Universal-World.

The first winner of the pageant in 2017 was Aneta Marinina from Israel. She was crowned with the sash Miss/Mrs Universal.


The competition is open to women from 17-57 and above without minimal height. 5 beauty queens are crowned during the final:

Miss Universal-World® age -17-27 years old

Mrs Universal -World® age 27-37 years old;

Lady Universal- World ® age 37-47 years old;

Lady Classic Universal-World ® age 47-57 years old;

Lady Grand Universal-World ® age 57-67 years old.

The organization features directors in some countries, who elects a delegate for this contest. Alternatively, applicants can apply directly to the organization. The international jury is staffed with renowned photographers, designers, national directors from different countrys, partners and sponsors will also be invited. National directors cannot vote to their participants.

The delegates are evaluated according to several criteria :

– Interview

– Traditional Outfits Parade

– Evening Gown Parade

Golden Crown (3)




Year TitleholdersNameCountry
2017 Miss/Mrs Universal 2017Aneta MarininaIsrael
2018 Miss/Mrs Universal 2018Natascha FisherBrazil
2019 Miss/Mrs Universal 2019Elena AshuralievaRussia
2020 No contest due to pandemic


Year TitleholdersNameCountry
2018 Mrs Universal 2018Ksenya UskolkinaRussia
2019 Mrs Universal 2019Raisa Zakirova VedIndia
2020 No contest due to pandemic


Year TitleholdersNameCountry
2018 Lady Universal 2018Shelley Alys ReiceUK
2019 Not awarded
2020 No contest due to pandemic