Miss & Mrs World Noble Queen International is an international beauty pageant, founded in 2015 by Jan Sit.

The current Miss World Noble Queen International is Sonia Mansour from France and Chiharu Ohi from Japan for Mrs World Noble Queen International. They were crowned during the final held on December 12, 2019 at the Palace Banquet Ballroom, Kowlon, Hong Kong.


Miss & Mrs World Noble Queen International is an international beauty pageant created by Jan Sit in 2015. Initially, the contest called Miss & Mrs Asia Noble Queen International and it reserved to Asian region. In 2017, it became international accepting all the countries.

According to the contest organizers, The objective of Miss & Mrs World Noble International Pageant is to provide an International platform for the ladies to show their inner beauty, noble image and to promote their country cultures and appreciating their beauty . It is to connect with International communities with high fashion and loving care of different nation of people in giving back to the society, bringing out their noble courage and power of human beings uprising to the world of tomorrow. It is an unique beauty pageant to provide opportunities to all participants to become a better person with international confidence.

Regarding the inaugural 2015 edition, we cannot find any trace of the event, just the name of the winner on the competition website. We believe that the coronation was the object of a designation by the founder. Besides, the founder considers herself to be the first Mrs Asia Noble. The real first edition of Miss & Mrs Asia Noble Queen International took place in 2016 for us.


The competition takes place over several days with parades in swimsuits, evening dresses, a talent show and an interview in front of the jury.




Year TitleholdersNameCountry
2015  "Miss Elie NG
2016  "Miss Linn KALAYAR OO Myanmar
2017  "Miss Hapaa MNWKA Mongolia
2018  "Miss Mercedes PAIR Hong Kong
2019  "Miss Sonia MANSOUR France
2020 No contest due to pandemic


Year TitleholdersNameCountry
2015  "MrsJan SIT Malaysia
2016  "Mrs Sarnai Rose SARANCHIBEG Mongolia
2017  "Mrs Trakarnta NOPPAWONG Thailand
2018  "Mrs Chanelle FULTON South Africa
2019  "Mrs Chiharu OHI Japan
2020 No contest due to pandemic