Miss Asian America & Miss Asian Global is an beauty pageant, founded in 1987 by Rose Chung. The title of Miss Asian Global appears in the 2012 pageant.

The current Miss Asian America is Vy Vo represented Vietnam and the current Miss Asian Global is Olivia Wong represented China. They was elected during a virtual event held on August 29, 2020.


Miss Asian America Pageant was founded on August 1, 1987 by Rose Chung. The pageant was initiated as a part of the Asian Heritage Celebration for the County of Santa Clara in 1987. Founded at the Asian American Arts Festival, the pageant has been recognized internationally, with regional competitions nationwide. Originally founded as Miss Asian California, the pageant evolved over the years to meet the requests of its supporters and to expands its impact worldwide. Miss Asian Global appears during the 2012 contest. 

Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America established its non-profit status under the umbrella of the Asian America Foundation in 2014 and continues its active participation in nationwide events. From its partnership with the American Legion, the nation’s largest veteran’s organization, to its participation in America’s largest Chinese New Year celebration held in San Francisco, the pageant continues its positive representation of the Asian community.

Celebrating the three pillars of beauty, intelligence, and culture, Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America is proud to contribute significantly to community causes. Portions of proceeds from the event are donated to APA Family Support Services, a nationally recognized child abuse/domestic violence prevention program, and to the Stanford University Asian Liver Center, an organization who aims to raise Hepatitis B awareness in the Asian American community.

Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America take pride in being a stepping in shaping the leaders of the future. The pageant has hosted almost 1,000 delegates over the last three decades and boasts a range of titleholders who have gone on to become leaders in their fields.

Mona Lee Locke (Miss Asian California 1986) went on to a successful journalism career and became First Lady of the State of Washington.

Gwendoline Yeo (Miss Asian America 1995) has a successful career in the film industry and has starred in Grey’s Anatomy, American Crime, NCIS, and Criminal Minds.

Amrapali Ambegaokar (Miss Asian California 1999) is an accomplished Cirque du Soleil dancer and film actor.


A 2010 book by cultural anthropologist Afia A. Ofori-Mensa studied the relationships among race, gender, and U.S. national identity using the Miss Asian America Pageant. She found that « panethnic pageants like Miss Asian America » which came of age in the 1980s plays an important role in the constitution of national identity « through ideal femininity, in both embodied and rhetorical ways. » For the Asian American community, the Miss Asian America Pageant is the « only cultural institution annually endowing one woman and her racialized, gendered, and classed body, the power to represent an entire nation. » The pageant remains one of the few national events that allow for a frontal display of non-mainstream ethnic culture for the American public where contestants wear cultural clothing and reinvigorate heritage ties through community-based projects, service learning, and presentations in their heritage language.

Cultural integration and the introduction of neoliberal values have also been examined through the prism of the Miss Asian America Pageant extensively by women’s studies scholars. Professor Nhi T. Lieu, in studying Miss Asian America pointed to the pageant’s role in promoting capitalism and neoliberal values presented within traditional contexts such as the utilization of the Vietnamese women’s garment known as the ao dai. Lieu adds that the role of technology in beauty pageants also enabled the introduction of modernity and consumer goods to many Asian American households in attendance at pageant events.

In reviewing the Cold War legacy and its relationship with Asian American communities in the United States, Ofori-Mensa argues that the Asian American community was able to « utilize pageants strategically, by insisting on the centrality of people of color to U.S. national identity, and by re-imagining the nation as a transnational space where people of color are not systematically excluded. »


In order to be qualified to apply, you must be:

– Female; by birth or transgender

– At least one-fourth Asian ancestry

– Between the ages of 17-30 years

– Never married nor given birth

– Citizens worldwide (not only US residents)

The Miss Asian Global and Miss Asian America Pageant accepts applicants who claim ancestry from the countries of: Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, East Timor, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Macao, South Korea, North Korea (with valid refugee status), Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Yemen, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, the ethnic Asian groups of the former Soviet Union, the ethnic group of Hmong from Southern China, and the islands of the Pacific and Indian oceans. Please contact us if you have any questions about your ethnic qualifications.

Since its inception, the Pageant has been more than a platform for the growth and inspiration of young Asian American women. The Pageant displays the rich ethnic diversity of our society and gives us a glimpse into the many different cultures that surrounds us. As a delegate, you will not only shine, but you will also be a part of a team working together for our community. The Pageant is dedicated to the promise of investing in our next generation. When our pageant was held in a theater, we showcased our delegates in a colorful production that represents their culture, intelligence and talent.

Delegate Requirements

Delegates must have access to an adequate wifi network and the technology skills to use communication platforms and social media. In addition, delegates must have skills or resources to create short one-minute videos.

Talent (optional)

The talent competition is based on the delegate’s performance shown on video.

The organizers look at one’s character, intellect, and personality.

Titles Awarded

Principal court titles will be awarded during the final:

Miss Asian Global

Miss Asian America

First Princess

Second Princess

Third Princess.

– Miss Congeniality – title is determined by the delegates

– Miss Talent – title is determined by a separate judging panel

In recognition of outstanding academic and volunteer work, these titles are also awarded:

– Miss Scholastic

– Achievement

– Miss STEM

– Best in Cultural Attire

– Miss Photogenic

– Miss Community Service.

– Miss Teen (if 5+ contestants are teenagers)

The Miss Asian America Queen will receive a USD $3,000 scholarship, sponsored by Asian America Foundation.

The competition is said to be international, but all candidates are Asian-Americans. The delegates are named after the countries from which their descendants originated. We consider this to be a pseudo international beauty contests.



under the title of Miss Asian of California

Year TitleholdersNameCountry
1985  "Miss Jeanette CHAN Unknown
1986  "Miss Mona LEE LOCKE China
1987  "Miss Delia MA Unknown
1988  "Miss Stacy YAMASHITA Japan
1989  "Miss Theresa PARK Korea
1990  "Miss Cindy CHUNG Korea

Miss Asian America

Year TitleholdersNameCountry
1991  "Miss Christie HIROTA Philippines
1992  "Miss Ashley YAMADA Japan
1993 No pageant held
1994  "Miss Jane PARK Korea
1995  "Miss Gwendoline YEO Singapour
1996  "Miss Esther HWANG Korea
1997  "Miss Erin JUNG USA
1998  "Miss Quyen HOANG TRAN USA
1999  "Miss Amy TRUONG Vietnam
2000 No pageant held
2001  "Miss Caroline NGUYEN Unknown
2002  "Miss Fala CHEN China
2003  "Miss Charlene M. WANG China
2004  "Miss Buachampoo « Sai » VAREE Thailand
2005  "Miss Kollyn MUANGMAITHONG Vietnam & China
2006  "Miss Jennifer FIELD Korea, English, Irish & German
2007  "Miss Louise WU China
2008  "Miss Louise LIU China
2009  "Miss Amy CHANTHAPHAVONG Laos & Vietnam
2010  "Miss Sarah LIU China
2011 No pageant held
2012  "Miss Emily TANG China
2013 No pageant held
2014  "Miss Jennifer CHUNG Vietnam, China & Germany
2015  "Miss Stephanie LIN Taïwan
2016  "Miss Jessica LIM Hong Kong
2017  "Miss Savannah PHAM Vietnam & Cambodia
2018  "Miss


Sophia NG* (Dethroned)

Darae JUN (Assumed)



2019  "Miss Melanie WARDHANA China & Indonesia
2020  "Miss Vy VO Vietnam

Until March 31, 2019, Sophia Ng won the title of ‘Miss Global’ and is not able to fulfill the duties of her Miss Asian America reign. Darae Jun is crowned Miss Asian America for the remainder of her reign.

Miss Asian Global

Year TitleholdersNameCountry
2012  "Miss Susie LEE Korea
2013 No pageant held
2014  "Miss Emma MARRIOTT China & Wales
2015  "Miss Pamela LAGERA Philippines
2016  "Miss Gina SU Hong Kong & Taiwan
2017  "Miss Trisha BANTIQUE China & Philippines
2018  "Miss Uchka JIMSEE Mongolia
2019  "Miss Stephanie KIM South Korea
2020  "Miss Olivia WONG Vietnam