Miss Asia World is an international model contest created by Elie Nahas in 2017.

The current Miss Asia World is Susanna Yegoryan from Kyrgyzstan, held on June 23, 2019 at in Hilton Metropolitan Palace, Beirut, Lebanon.


Miss Asia World is an international contest between the models from 36 Asian countries. It was created by Elis Nahas, owner of Events Agency in Beirut, Lebanon.

There was no pageant held for the first edition of Miss Asia World. Instead, one of the 2017 candidates was selected to be officially selected as the first Miss Asia World 2016. Because the organizers were impressed of her pageant experiences, Samikshya Shrestha of Nepal is crowned Miss Asia World 2016. The organizer of Miss Asia World withdrew her name from Miss Asia World 2018 and declared her the winner of the inaugural edition of Miss Asia World.

Yes, the organizers have awarded the crown to Samikshya even without contending and because of her the first ever Miss Asia World turned into the second one.


The competition is open to young model aged 18 to 27.

Miss Asia World features directors in Asian countries, who elects a delegate for this contest.Each year, about thirty-six candidates are fighting to win the crown.





Year Titleholder Name Country
2016 Miss Asia World 2016 Samikshya SHRESTHA Nepal
2017 Miss Asia World 2017 Angy MORAD Syria
2018 Miss Asia World 2018 Chi NUYEN Vietnam
2019 Miss Asia World 2019 Susanna YEGORYAN Kyrgyzstan
2020 No contest due to pandemic