ATV Miss Asia Pageant (Chinese: ATV 亞洲小姐競選) is an annual Hong Kong-based beauty pageant organized and broadcast by Asia Television (ATV). Originating in 1985 as a local Hong Kong pageant, the contest went on hiatus from the 2000 through 2003, and was re-branded as an Asian pageant in 2004, with contestants spanning the continent of Asia. The pageant was ceased to exist in 2015 with the shutdown of its organizer, ATV.

In 2018, ATV announced that they are rebooting the pageant, after their transition from a terrestrial broadcast operation to an online media company. The pageant, which will be partnered with South Korean company CJ E&M, was reported by the media as « ATV’s biggest investment of the year ».

The current ATV Miss Asia is Cara Kong (in Chinese, 江雨婷), crowned on December 2019, in Hong Kong.


1985–2000: Beginnings as local pageant

With the success of the Miss Hong Kong Pageant by rival Hong Kong television station Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), ATV started organizing Miss Asia Pageant in 1985, searching out Hong Kong’s representative for Miss Asia Pacific International (then known as the Miss Asia Pacific Quest). The pageant name was a bit of a misnomer back then as Miss Asia Pageant was actually named to match the name of organizer Asia Television Limited, and it was solely intended for local Hong Kong residents to enter.

In 1995, the pageant made history by removing age restrictions for delegates. That year, Aicardi Jiang (宮雪花), at the age of 47 years became the oldest delegate of Miss Asia, placing fifth in the pageant. On the other end of the spectrum, On-Yuen To (陶安仁), was the youngest delegate at the age of 15 years.

In 2000, due to poor ratings and lack of sponsors, ATV announced that the pageant would go on hiatus until further notice.

2000–present: Post-hiatus and rebrands

In 2004, ATV rebooted the pageant and re-branded it as an event for not just Hong Kong, but also for the rest of Asia as contestants from other parts of Asia now participate, finally living up to its namesake as an Asia-wide pageant. However, the pageant is still very Chinese focused, with multiple representatives from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China, compared to one contestant from each of the rest of the countries.

As of 2011, Miss Asia Chinese Regional Competitions selects Chinese delegates in several regions: Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan, Canada, and US. Then, the top performers of these competitions come together for the ATV Miss Asia Pageant Greater China Finals, which also acts as the semi-finals of the ATV Miss Asia Pageant, selecting around 10 finalists (12 finalists are selected in 2013).

These delegates are then joined by national pageant winners from other Asian countries to compete the crown of ATV Miss Asia at the Finals.

In 2011, the pageant name has been modified to ATV Miss Asia Pageant (ATV亞洲小姐競選), adding the organizer’s name to the title, to distinguish it from other Asia-wide beauty pageants.

Whereas the pageant mirrored Miss Hong Kong Pageant pre-hiatus, the revived version more closely resembled the Miss Chinese International Pageant, which is also organized by rival television station, TVB.

In 2018, ATV rebooted the whole project after the company was transformed into an online media company.


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Year TitleholdersNameCountry
1985  « ATV Eva LAI 黎燕珊 Hong Kong
1986  « ATV Nina LI CHI 利 智 Hong Kong
1987  « ATV Dorothy YAU 邱月清 Hong Kong
1988  « ATV Lok PUI 樂 蓓 Hong Kong
1989  « ATV Yvonne YUNG 翁 虹 Hong Kong
1990  « ATV Elaine NG 吳綺莉 Hong Kong
1991  « ATV Candy LAW羅 霖 Hong Kong
1992  « ATV Adela FUNG 馮美英 Hong Kong
1993  « ATV Candy AU 區淑貞 Hong Kong
1994  « ATV Lily LEE 李 妮 Hong Kong
1995  « ATV Kristy YANG 楊恭如 Hong Kong
1996  « ATV Alice CHAN 陳 煒 Hong Kong
1997  « ATV Belinda HAMNETT 韓君婷 Hong Kong
1998  « ATV Losa LAW 羅麗莎 Hong Kong
1999  « ATV Teresa LOU 樓茜妮 Hong Kong
2000-2003 HIATUS
2004  « ATV Coffee LU 呂晶晶 China
2005  « ATV Kitty WANG 王 磊 China
2006  « ATV Daryna SHEWCHENKO 達蓮娜·舒夫 Kazakhstan
2007  « ATV Grace CHEUNG 張家瑩 Hong Kong
2008  « ATV Eunis YAO姚佳雯 China
2009  « ATV Hui YING 許 瑩 China
2010  « ATV Xin WANG 王 欣 China
2011  « ATV Michelle FENG XUEBING 馮雪冰 China
2012  « ATV Amy CHEN 陳彥蓉 Taiwan
2013  « ATV Lily FANG 房星彤 China
2014  « ATV Max ZHANG 張軼珺 China
2015-2017 HIATUS
2018  « ATV Luyao WANG 王路瑤 China
2019  « ATV Cara KONG 江雨婷 China