Miss América Latina or Miss América Latina del Mundo, known in English as Miss Latin America or Miss Latin America of the World, is an international beauty contest held annually. It has two sister pageants: Miss Latina US (which selects the US delegate to Miss América Latina) and Miss Teen US Latina.

It is organized by the Miss América Latina Organization. Despite its name, the contest is not restricted to only Latin American nations. It is designed for women of Latina descent around the globe.

The current titleholder is Nancy Gómez from the United States, crowned on September 21, 2019 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


The Miss América Latina pageant was founded in the early 1980s. The first edition was held in 1981, when it was open to only Latina contestants in Miami, Florida, United States. It’s a local competition to select a representative of Miami to a contest in Mexico.

In 1983, the contest went international due to the enthusiasm of the Latin press, which greatly participated in the promotion of the contest. In 1983, the title of this contest became « Miss Latin America ». 

The year 1986 marked the official separation of the US national competition from the international competition. Delegates from the states with the largest Hispanic population in the United States, who initially participated jointly with the delegates from Latin American countries for winning the title of « Miss America Latina « , competed for the first time with each other for the right to represent the Latino population of the US in international competition.

A new dimension for Miss Latin America del Mundo arises from the year 2002, when participation is opened to worldwide.

With the vision of promoting culture Ibero-American in the world beyond the geopolitical borders that define “Latin America”, the first delegates from Europe participate. In 2006 they join two more delegates to the representation of Spain with the participation of the Islands Canaries off the coasts of Africa and Catalonia. This increasing expansion led to the decision in 2008 to rename the contest « Miss Latina America del Mundo ».

The goals and deals of these pageant remain to date: highlighting the values of women Latina and her development efforts through higher education, as well as collaborate with charities and the promotion of tourism.


Despite its name, the contest is not restricted to only Latin American nations. It is designed for women of Latina descent around the globe. There is an average of about 20 contestants every year. 

Miss America del Mundo Organization works with worldwide directors, who elect a delegate for this contest.

They are evaluated according to several criteria :

– Swimsuit Parade
– National Costume Parade
– Evening Gown Parade



Year TitleholdersNameCountry
1982 Martha ÁLVAREZ* USA
1983 Rosa MARIA Puerto Rico
1984 Mirla OCHOA Venezuela
1985 Victoria MAURIZ Dominican Republic
1986 Lucia COLLADO Dominican Republic
1987 Lorenia BURRUEL Mexico
1988 The 1988 event was postponed until 1989 because of the Mexican presidential inauguration, and thus Lorenia Burruel was named Miss América Latina 1987-88
1989 Suzanne HANNAUX El Salvador
1990 Vanessa HOLLER Venezuela
1991 María Elena BELLIDO Peru
1992 Ana Sofía PEREIRA Nicaragua
1993 María Fernanda MORALES Guatemala
1994 Priscila FURLAN Brazil
1995 The 1995 event was canceled due to a national crisis in the host city. Priscila Furlan was then named Miss América Latina 1994-95.
1996 Jeannette CHAVEZ Costa Rica
1997 The 1997 event was postponed for unknown reasons. Thus, Jeannette Chávez’s title was extended to Miss América Latina 1996-1997.
1998 Aline RESENDE Brazil
1999 The 1999 event was renamed to Miss América Latina 2000 in order to post-date the titles. Aline Resende’s title was changed to Miss América Latina 1998-1999.
2000 Dania PRINCE Honduras
2001 Grace MARTINS Brazil
2002 Claudia CRUZ Dominican Republic
2003 Maria Carolina CASADO Venezuela
2004 Gamalis FERMIN Puerto Rico
2005 Mariela CANDIA Paraguay
2006 Melissa QUESADA USA

Giannina SILVA (dethroned)

Heidy GARCIA (successor)



2008 Daniele SAMPAIO Italy
2009 Johanna Solano Costa Rica
2010 Carolina LEMUS Colombia
2011 Estefani CHALCO Ecuador
2012 Georgina MENDEZ Guatemala
2013 Julia GUERRA Brazil

Nicole PINTO (resigned)*

Yanire ORTIZ (successor)



2015 Karla MONJE USA
2016 Laura SPOYA Peru
2017 Elicena Andrada ORREGO Spain
2018  "Miss Nadine Teresa VERHULP Netherlands
2019  "Miss Nancy GOMEZ USA
2020 No contest due to pandemic
*The first two Miss Latin America contests were only open to women living in Miami

*Nicole Pinto cede the title of Miss America Latina 2014, to be the representative of Panama in Miss World 2014 after the dismissal of Raiza Erlenbaugh, being that Nicole was the finalist of the Miss Panama World 2014.