Ambar mundial is a multicategory beauty contest founded in the 70s in Dominican Republic.

The current Miss Ambar Mundial is Doriana Dos Reís from Venezuela, crowned on July 30, 2019 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. At the same time, Angel Delgado of Puerto Rico won the title of Mister Ambar World.


Ambar Mundial is a multicategory beauty contest founded in Dominican Republic founded in the 70s by a group of young entrepreneurs and the franchise became the property of Gatsby Dominicana in 1994, a company Founded and chaired by Nerys Díaz. The titles Mister, Mrs and Teen were added in 2018.

The contest honors each year the most important stone in the country, Amber (in Spanish, Ambar).

Ambar Mundial is a small pageant and all of the candidates come from South America, which explains that this contest falls under Regional Pageant category for WPN team. It’s not an international contest, contrary to what the organizers say on their website.


Ambar Mundial features directors or makes casting to find its delegates in the age-categories following : Miss, Mister, Mrs, Teen and candidates

Each contestant uniquely represents their home nation The candidates competing for the title are between 18 and 26 years old and have a broad agenda of activities in the host country for a week.

The candidates are judging on the integral beauty, elegance, personality, communication and projection of the candidates from different countries on 5 continents!





Year Titleholders Name Country
1994 Mari Cielo Sara EFFI Peru
1996 Litza MALDONADO Puerto Rico
1997 Nazarene GONZALEZ ALMADA Argentina/td>
1998 Luisa Mello FLORES Brazil
2002 Sheimar CARABALLO Venezuela
2003 Cecilia JUSTIANO Bolivia
2006 Sharon AMADOR Nicaragua
2009 Karent YAPOORT Dominican Republic
2017 Jussan SANDOVAL ESPINOZA Costa Rica
2018 Angélica GONZALEZ Puerto Rico
2019 Doriana DOS REIS Venezuela
2020 No contest due to pandemic


Year Titleholders Name Country
2018 Yisandri CUSTODIO Isla Catalina
2019 Angel DELGADO Puerto Rico
2020 No contest due to pandemic


Year Titleholders Name Country
2018 Sharibelle MALAVE Puerto Rico
2019 Mariola RODRIGUEZ Dominican Republic
2020 No contest due to pandemic


Year Titleholders Name Country
2019 Kirad ENID Puerto Rico
2020 No contest due to pandemic