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International Contests – Teen

Miss Teen Charm International

  Cartagena (Colombia )

Miss Charm International

  Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

Ms. Senior World

  Biloxi, MS (USA)

Beauty Universe Pageant

  Miami, FL (USA)

Miss Beauty Universe

  Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Miss African Dignity

  Accra (Ghana)

Miss Beauty Arab & Europe

  Casablanca (Morocco)

Mrs Globe

  Newport Beach, CA (United States)

Teen Universe

  Managua (Nicaragua)

AustralAsia Universal

  Cebu (Philippines)

Miss Legacy Universe

  Tema (Ghana)

Mr Tourism International

Inactive Contests

Mister Tourism International

  Jakarta (Indonesia)

Miss/Mrs Summit International

  Las Vegas, NV (USA)

Miss Earth

  Mandaluyong, Manilla (Philippines)

Miss/Mrs Universal World

Mister Africa Continents

  Accra (Ghana)

Miss Teen Américas

  San Salvador (El Salvador)

Miss Aura International

  Antalya (Turkey)

Miss Atlantico Internacional

  Punta del Este (Uruguay)

Miss Africulture International

  Lagos (Nigeria)

Mister & Miss Asian International

  Yangon (Myanmar)

Miss Asian America & Miss Asian Global

  San Francisco, CA (USA)

Miss Arab Europe

  Brussels (Belgium)

Asia America International Pageant

  Richardson, TX (USA)

Miss Arab Universe

  Phoenix, AZ (USA)

Asia World Competition

  Dallas, TX (USA)

Model Contests

Miss Asia World

  Beirut (Lebanon)

Mrs Asia Supreme

  Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Asia Pacific Prince & Princess

  Yangon (Myanmar)

Mrs Asia Pacific

  Singapore (Singapore)

Miss Asia Pacific World

  Seoul (South Korea)

Miss Asia Pacific International

  Manila (Philippines)

International Contests – Mrs/Ms

World Noble Queen International

  Selangor (Malaysia)

Mister Asia

  Narayangarh (Nepal)

Miss Asia Pageant

  Hong Kong (Hong Kong )

Miss Asia Awards

  Seoul (Korea)

Miss Asia Global

  Kerala (India)

Asian Pageants

Miss ASEAN Friendship

  Tuy Hoà (Vietnam)


  Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia )

Miss Africa United

  Port Harcourt (Nigeria)

Miss Arabic Beauty in the World

  Casablanca (Morocco)

Miss & Mr Arab Maghreb

  Beirut (Lebanon)

Miss Arab World

  Cairo (Egypt)

International Contests

North America & Central America Contests

Americas Caribbean World

  Guayaquil (Ecuador)

Cultural Contests

Miss America Latina del Mundo

  Miami, FL (USA)

Miss Ambassador for Peace Africa

  Wasu (Nigeria)

Ambar Mundial

  Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic )

South American Contests

International Contests – Mister

Altitude World Supermodel

  Bangkok (Thailand)

Miss All Nations

  Selangor (Malaysia)

International Contests – Miss

Regional Contests

Miss Africa Continent

  Johannesburg (South Africa )

Miss Africa

  Calabar (Nigeria)

Mister Africa International

  Lagos (Nigeri)

Miss Africa Golden International

  Lagos (Nigeria)

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On this map, we place the different organizations of international competitions in 4 divisions: Miss, Mister, Mrs / Ms, Teen.

We save gradually beauty contests respecting the alphabetical order. Each day, a new contest will appear. Currently, we are at 42/734. (Update 02-23-21). If you notice that we have forgotten a beauty pageant or that we made a mistake, do not hesitate to contact us on